Hello, my name is Portia Asare, I was born in Ghana and moved to the U.K. at a young age. That’s me right there on my father’s lap.

As far as I can recollect, I have always aspired to start a hair business since the age of 15.  Throughout the years, I can remember how many wigs and bundles I purchased that didn’t last; they all claimed to be 100% virgin hair with minimal shedding and tangling. However, after purchasing all those qualities seemed to be non-existent.  Then It dawned on me that I wanted to be part of the vendors that provided great hair qualities for their clients.

While studying my Adult nursing degree, I decided to plan and research hair qualities within the hair industry. After watching numerous YouTube videos, reading books and attending online seminars on starting a business; I then sampled and tested the quality of different hair extensions for three years.

My main aim was to find premium hair extensions that made you feel luxurious with great lasting qualities.

PoshBeautyHair was eventually founded in May 2018.

You may question why it took me years to find the right hair? The Motto and purpose behind this brand is to provide luxury in the comfort of your own home. 

Having taking time to research and develop my brand, I can assure you that all the products meet the standards and ensure that the wearers of our products feel valued.

Thank you

Portia Asare

(Adult Nurse and student midwife), and Entrepreneur