My name is Portia Asare, and I was born in Ghana and moved to the United Kingdom when I was a child.

Since the age of 15, I have always dreamed of starting a hair business.  Throughout the years, I have purchased many wigs and bundles that did not last; they all claimed to be made from 100% virgin hair with minimal shedding and tangling. However, after purchasing, all of those qualities appeared to be absent.  After that, I realized I wanted to be a vendor who provided excellent hair quality.

While completing my Adult Nursing degree, I planned and researched hair qualities within the hair industry. Over the course of three years, I watched numerous YouTube videos, read books, attended online seminars about starting a business, and then sampled and tested different hair extensions. It was my main goal to find hair extensions that felt luxurious and were long-lasting.

In May 2018, PoshBeautyHair was founded.

You may wonder why it took me so long to find the right hair? This brand aims to provide comfort in the comfort of your own home as its motto and purpose. 

Due to the time I spent researching and developing my brand, I am confident that all the products meet the standards and ensure that our customers feel valued.

Thank you

Portia Asare

Adult Nurse, Midwife and Entrepreneur.